Saturday, January 26, 2013

illustration friday (wings)


  1. Aw,I love everything about this one Debbie!

  2. Me too....wish I had seen your earlier it too late? ♥♥♥ Robin from SF

    1. It took me a sec, but I finally figured out what you are asking. No, it's not too late! Deadline for comments to enter the drawing is Feb 3. I'll count this comment towards the last post. :)

  3. The fish image reminds me of my father, deceased for 13 years now. He loved to fish. He'd wake us up before dawn during hot summers and take us to the lake (Lake Michigan - a huge lake) where he'd fish and we kids and our mother would sit on a blanket (or sleep) and enjoy the cool air. I like this etegami very much.

  4. Beautifully expressed sentiment and the use of hearts makes it a perfect Valentine image!

  5. Beautiful one! The quote and the drawing.


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